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What ten dollars will get you

Submitted by on January 9, 2012 – 10:00 am7 Comments

So one night not long ago I’m riding in a part of east Dallas which I am no longer very familiar.  While I recognized the names of the streets, I could not figure out what direction I was riding.  I wanted north but the sun was down so I had to rely on my cell phone GPS…The cell phone with the dead battery.  The cell phone that has a nice compass app that works perfectly…When the battery is charged.  Luckily things worked out for me but I realized an old-fashioned compass was in order.

So the other day I’m in my local bike shop picking up a brake cable for a Fuji road bike that’s headed for the CL auction block and the compass you see below called out to me from a display rack.  I’m convinced this is one of the best $10 investments I’ve ever made.

On the other hand, last week I paid $10 to see the 2011 remake of the 2009 Swedish movie, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, with a good friend of mine.  I heard the book was good, and that the Swedish movie was compelling.  I’ve only seen the 2011 movie and as far as I’m concerned it was a waste of a perfectly good ten-dollar bill.  I had a nice time hanging out with a friend though, only the next time I pick the movie.  I thought this one was a stinker.  Most of the reviews are positive and that should have tipped me off that I would not be very impressed.

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo promotional photo

So the moral to the story is there are good ten dollar investments, and bad ones.  I’m convinced my clip-on bike compass is a good one.

– Chris

update – Pista reminded me of the film’s opening bad ass music and video by Trent Reznor and Karen O. I finally found a copy on Youtube.

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Chris started riding a bike again when he noticed the Preston Ridge Trail being constructed across the street from his house. Since then he co-founded Biking in Dallas, has gone through countless Craigslist bike projects (some better than others) and can be found pedaling around town on a Electra Ticino with a camera in tow.

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