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Velo Orange Porteur Double Kickstand

Submitted by on August 9, 2012 – 11:14 am9 Comments

Velo Orange Porteur Kickstand

For years I either suffered through not having a kickstand at all or I relied one that was never very reliable.  The typical kickstand set-up shifts the balancing weight of the bike away from the wheels and onto the kickstand itself.  Not surprisingly the kickstand it usually the least reliable three contact points because in order for it to work, the bike must lean on it.

Depending on how long or short  the kickstand is the bike might be vulnerable to falling over due to an excessive amount of weight on that kickstand, or it might fall over in the other direction because not enough weight is absorbed by the kickstand.  While both of the problems can be remedied to a degree (by making sure the kickstand is the ideal height), another option it to use a kickstand that provides a better balance and does not lean the bike.  This is especially true if you use a front bike rack.

Enter the Velo Orange Porteur Double Kickstand.

I’d seen these online for a while and finally saw one in person at the   Bike Friendly Richardson Black Friday ride.  Jenny had one on her mixte and I knew I  had to get one.  It was attractive, sturdy and balanced the bike much better than a typical kickstand.  So I ordered one..And then another…I haven’t looked back.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the balanced parked position.  You’ll still experience a three points of contact but you’re bike is no longer leaning on it’s side, just begging to fall over all by itself.  Note that if you have a short wheelbase your rear tire might be elevated, and if you have a long wheelbase your front tire might be elevated, but it is far more stable than the leaning on the port side set up.  This kickstand creates an equal, centered balance.  The bike is still capable of being knocked over, but you don’t get that sick at your stomach feeling that you usually have when you walk away from your bike resting on one leg…Someone will have to knock it over, it’s not going to do that all by itself.

Velo Orange Porteur Kickstand on a road bike

The kickstand has two means of adjustment (Allen wrench) so you don’t have to worry about either of the legs touching your chain or foot/feet for that matter.  You can also adjust the length of the legs which are sturdy and the heavy duty rubber boots are a welcome feature.  Shiny aluminum looks good on any bike.

Here’s the scoop on the from the Velo Orange:

Porteur Double Kickstand

If you ride a heavily loaded bike a double leg kickstand is almost essential. The Porteur kickstands are designed for delivery bikes, city bikes, touring bikes, and the like. A neat feature is that the two legs spread as the kickstand is deployed and close as it’s raised. This makes for a very stable stand that does not interfere with pedaling. The leg extensions, which look like rubber boots, can be adjusted by twisting and pulling or pushing, so the legs are the perfect length without cutting. You can lock them to whatever length you set with an allen wrench. There are also adjustments to perfectly align the stand when it’s raised.

A top plate and a long mounting bolt are included, so they fit most bikes with, or without, kickstand plates.

Velo Orange Porteur Kickstand in the raised position

Final thoughts – The Velo Orange  Porteur Double kickstand represents a very good value and you don’t have to have a front rack to enjoy one.  I have been delighted with these on both of my bikes and over time I’ll probably add them to every bike I own.  Highly recommended.  Best $26 I’ve ever spent on a bicycle accessory.

– Chris


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