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The SR Campus Sport: Vintage Japanese Steel Lugged Frame Road Bike

Submitted by on February 2, 2010 – 4:59 am26 Comments

This is a very good example of the sort of oddball bike that one can find on Craigslist here in the vast Metroplex, teeming with bicycles.

 The candid truth? I leapt from my desk in my Lakewood office and got on the tollroad and drove way the hell out to north Carrollton in the middle of the afternoon for this bike.

Why did I do it? Because:

1) the seller’s CL ad was poorly written/described, always a good sign that you are about to recognize/discover a bike that nobody else has yet figured out;

2) the photo sucked (same deal, see above); and

3) when I got the seller on the phone, the personal information that was relayed to me convinced me that this might be one of those once in a lifetime deals that is worth the risk of one’s time and energy,

in pursuit of the big find, the dream………..and

4) I have this fantasy about finding the perfect road bike without spending a ton of money……


5) the price was right.

But just what the heck was an SR? More specifically, what was an SR Campus Sport? In the picture above, you can see the headbadge.

Now, Linda, the seller, told me that she and her husband had bought a matched pair of these bikes in Tuscon, AZ in the “early 1980s”. They had sold the woman’s version before I arrived there for this particular bike, so I have no matching pair shots. I was gambling on this bike being some kind of rare high-end Japanese road bike from the 1970’s or 1980’s, which it isn’t, but I’ll bet that it is about the same quality as some of the comparable Fuji stuff from the same time period. And some of those bikes are commanding quite a premium these days.

And some aren’t.

I do like the notion of a “Campus Sport”, sneaking girls into your dorm room, under-age drinking, etc.,

 although the lavendar color of the decal is a bit off-putting, below:

It has a nice lugged steel frame, as well as “Special ST Tubing”, whatever the heck that is:

It’s a ten speed road bike with a Tourney Shimano brake set………….

Cool downtube decal………………….

Pretty nice looking handlebars made by Alps Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan…………..

And Araya 27 x 1 1/4 inch alloy wheels:

“SR” apparently stands for Sakae Ringyo, a Japanese company that manufactured bicycles in the 1970s and 1980s. The bike fits me pretty well. I’m considering throwing some new tires on it and getting it all cleaned up and riding it.

But I might just stare at it for a few months and put it right back on CL. Theses bikes are being converted to fixies left and right, and this vintage Japanese stuff is pretty cool. Some nice young bicycling enthusiast would just love to buy this bike from me, I’m certain of that.

If anyone knows anything about this bike or this company, please feel free to enighten me/us.


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