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The Good Block by Eliot Landrum

Submitted by on June 24, 2012 – 9:28 am12 Comments

This morning, the sky was blue and the temperatures hadn’t yet reached 90 °F, so I decided it was a good morning to head to The Good Block.  Good 2 Go TacoCultivar Coffee, and Goodfriend are the trio that make “The Good Block”. This little renovated shopping strip is an East Dallas treasure, and I’m sure you’ve heard all the great reviews about them.  I threw my laptop in my backpack and made my way to Bike Route 89, aka Peavy Road.  I love stopping in for the morning and working for a few hours with a taco and a latte.

Dallas Bike Maps – Route 89

Riding on Peavy Road south of Garland Road may seem intimidating, but it’s actually a relaxing 4 lane road with minimal traffic. Most motorists pick the parallel Buckner Road (Loop 12), so Peavy only has few cars at a time. The lanes are too narrow to share with motor vehicles (buses usually can’t even fit in the lane by themselves!), so exercising lane controlis important to help motorists change lanes early. Everyone is always very courteous and gives a nice pass. There’s usually someone out working on their yard along the road, and it’s nice to be able to say hi as I pass.

The other nice thing about Peavy Road is that it is mostly tree-lined! I definitely appreciate any shade I can get.

Give me shade any day

Once at The Good Block, I took advantage of their new bike parking. These are pretty cool and unique. Just sit your bike up on the stand and lock it if you like.

Plenty of room for bikes & scooters!


I prefer to lock my bike and they provide a nice, solid loop for your chain or cable to attach.

Love that spray-on protective coating. No paint scratches!

Finally, time for the payoff.

Now that’s a latte.

Just behind The Good Block, Dowdy Studio has set up a nice little shop where they do all their screen printing. Sometimes they have an “open studio” time where you can pop in and see all their goods (check “Where’s that wagon” to find out when the open studio times are). It’s fun to say hi to Mr. Dylan Dowdy while he’s ironing shirts or coming up with a new screen. Dowdy’s Super Ride print is one of my favorite shirts to wear when I’m out cycling Dallas.

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Eliot Landrum has been riding bicycles of all shapes and sizes since he was a kid, and has found a new love of cycling in Dallas as an adult. Eliot shares the joy of safe cycling with others through the CyclingSavvy DFW bicycle traffic safety workshops and leading small social rides in East Dallas. You can find his photos and various geeky writings on his personal blog.

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