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The Cottonwood Trail – T Minus 8 Weeks And Counting

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According to this report in today’s Dallas Morning News, the Cottonwood trail is scheduled to be complete within 8 weeks or so (think May).  Some of us have been waiting years (and years) for this to happen, so it’s pretty exciting.  Hubbard and I were riding down under the High Five back when they had signs saying, well, don’t ride under the High Five.  The promise and allure was just too much, we had to do it.

"Carrying out the Dallas Plan"

When it’s finished this trail will connect the White Rock Creek trail (to the south), and that

Approaching the west side entrance of the Cottonwood trail

will in turn take you to the Santa Fe trail which will get you into downtown Dallas.  This is a huge development because for the last 10 years or so Dallas has planned and talked about a connected trail network but what we’ve had was a series of disconnected trails.  I mean these things don’t just happen overnight.  But now various trails are starting to line up.   Soon we’ll be treating the trail system as a means of  alternative transportation.  These are exciting times.

It was Dallas County that first proposed the idea of cyclists being able to travel from one part of the county to the other, without the need for a car, on hike and bike trails.  As the County has partnered with the City of Dallas, and other cities, that vision is slowly becoming a reality.

To the north, via a sidewalk connector, the Cottonwood trail also connects with the  Preston Ridge trail, which will lead you into Plano and from there you can hike and bike into Frisco. There is also an eastern appendage that leads to TI Blvd.  The City of Richardson has plans to one day connect a trail there as well.  What the High Five is to the Dallas freeway system the Cottonwood trail will become to our trail system, and at only about .015% of the cost.  How cool is that?

I drive down a stretch of the Cottonwood trail a few times each week.  Seeing the west entrance under central was a real inspiration for me and we’ll be keeping an eye on the progress closely as we count down the last few weeks until the trail is finished.

For more, go here for the Dallas Parks and Recreation map and details.

Cottonwood trail, photo and graphics from Dallas Parks and Recreation

Cottonwood trail - west entrance looking under Hwy 75

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