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The Beginning of an Addiction, or: My First Adult Bike

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Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i 

Approximately two years ago, in late 2007, I began to become interested in riding bikes again.  I had not owned  a bicycle since college, and save for a few brief rides in New York City with my good friend W. (more about him later), I had not seriously ridden one. 

I wanted to own a bicycle and ride for several reasons. First, for health reasons. I was overweight by about twenty pounds, and my doctor had told me to exercise more. I do not care for most types of exercise, but I had always enjoyed bicycling. Second, I was interested in green living, and I thought that I could combine bicycle riding (exercise) with my real life, rather than merely mindlessly exercising. That is, I could ride to my office, to the grocery store, to garage sales, to the liquor store, et cetera, and actually accomplish something while I improved my health and lowered my carbon footprint. Thirdly, I’ve always been fascinated by design, and the endless forms, models and permutations of both modern bicycle design, as well as the aesthetic of vintage bikes, appealed to me. 

So the question became: what to buy? I knew what I wanted. I wanted an upright cruiser-style bike, no more than three gears, comfortable, well-made and stylish. At that time, I wasn’t looking for speed. After asking another of my bike-obsessed friends (D. in MPLS, more about him later), I was directed to electrabike

Specifically, the Amsterdam Electrabike Classic 3i. Seriously, go and look at it. I did, and I fell in love.  I sat up at night and stared at it until I talked myself into buying it. For me, and probably for most people, it’s an expensive bike: about $600. But I have never regretted buying it. It’s a beautiful, well-made bike that has served me well, and it is always my first choice when I’m picking a bike from my (now) herd. 

Here she is the day I brought her home. Her nick-name is “Poco Bueno”, although her full legal name for breeding purposes is “Mourning Becomes Electrabike in Black”: 

Old PC Pics 419 

Although these might not be the best bike photos, they reflect the beginning of my bike hobby, and they are the only photos that I have of the bike before I took the rear plastic mudguards off (the only part of the bike that I have disagreed with): 

The rare moment in time when I had matching men’s and women’s models of the Electrabike (this will be the subject of a heart-warming blog entry  later on this site): 

His and Hers Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i 

And, finally, the view from Winfrey Point, my favorite spot at White rock Lake: 

Old PC Pics 718 

Next: my obsession grows. 


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