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Spotted at the Libertine Bar in Big D

Submitted by on June 2, 2010 – 9:37 pm10 Comments

My wife and I decided to check out the Tuesday night food and drink specials at the Libertine Bar  on lower Greenville Ave. this evening right after work. Half-price food, half-price classic cocktails and a dollar off certain beers: what’s not to like?

Hey, I think I recognize that bicycle (right over the bow of my stylish Scion xB, bike hauler extraordinaire):

Why, heck yes:

That bike right there is the Raleigh Technuim owned by none other than bikingindallas Correspondant and Woman-About-Town, Toni Youngblood:

Ok, ok: I knew that she worked there, and Toni had encouraged me to come and check out the Libertine. I grew up in E. Dallas, and this area is my old stomping ground. As I commented to my wife, some things never change. Lower Greenville is certainly one of those places. Good food, good drinks. Anyone other than me remember Tango? The Video Bar? the Prospect Bar? Anything can happen down here! 

 The Libertine is a classic pub, with much better than average food and drinks. I can see why they’re mobbed on Tuesday nights (this pic was taken on Tuesday evening, of course, but when the wife and I were leaving, a line was already forming at the door).

Steak with sweet potato fries anyone? Delicious!

Jalapeno soup, tomato soup or deep-fried whatever the hell those big mushroomas are called with three dipping sauces (the link to the menu is above)? The food was really good!

In case you haven’t been following our site, Toni Youngblood has give up her automobile and has become a full-time bike commuter. Not an easy task in an unforgiving city like Dallas, but thanks to people like her, it’s getting better all the time. We’re proud of Toni, and we support bike commuting. And having been on a few of the group rides with Toni, I can tell you that she can sure get around on that bike.

The air that we breathe in Dallas is literally a little bit cleaner thanks to Toni Youngblood and people like her that have given up their automobiles.

Thanks, Toni!


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