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Soma Mini Alloy Front Rack

Submitted by on April 26, 2010 – 8:11 am9 Comments

Soma Mini Alloy Front Rack

Ok, the lesson learned for 2010 is taking photos when you’re riding a bike is a hassle.  Previously I would strap my camera case to the rear rack on my bike and head off to ride and take photos.  It is a hassle to have to get off the bike, park it, remove the camera case and camera from the rack, take the


Soma Mini Alloy Front Rack

photos, and then put it all back together again.  I decided that if I could find a suitable front rack, half of my problem would be solved.  I could then just stop the bike,  hold it up with my legs, open the camera case, and start shooting photos.  Now all I needed was a front rack that would do the trick.  One obstacle is most of the front racks available are spendy, and I’m wasn’t ready to drop a lot of cash on an experiment.  Then I read about the Soma Mini Alloy Front Rack.  The platform appeared to be the right size, the construction looked reasonably sturdy, and best of all it weighed in at only $29.99.  I did a little researched and then pulled the pin.  I have several bikes and guessed it would work on one of them.  Within 24 hours Soma had it in the mail.

So it was exactly what I expected when I opened the box.  I incorporated the enclosed spacers to give the struts enough clearance avoid touching the forks.  Fits nicely.  The distance between the fender eyelet mount and the platform is not terribly long, so I only have a slight clearance between the tire and platform, so there’s no room for fenders.  That fitting is dependent on where the eyelet mounts are on the fork.

Here’s what the manufacturer has to say:

…Stainless hardware, includes mounting tang and spacers so that you can clear the fork leg when you mount to the eyelets on the backside of your fork. Works well with a set of P-clamps as well. Platform measures 240mm x 130mm, eyelet to bottom of rack is 340mm.

I’m delighted so far with my Soma Mini Allow Front Rack.  It’s sturdy, makes a solid attachment with the fork, and it compliments the overall look of the bike.  Combine that with the attractive price point and I give it high marks.

The next review will be of the Bontrager Backrack II that’s shown mounted on the back…

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