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Snowing in Dallas

Submitted by on February 14, 2010 – 11:51 pm3 Comments

Not Biking. Snowing.

 I’ve lived in Dallas virtually my entire life, and I have never seen anything like this snowstorm we had starting on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010. The storm also resulted in the longest electricity outage that I have ever personally suffered: approximately 36 hours.  It was awful.

Here are some photos from my yard in the Casa Linda area of E. Dallas:

Note well the 1977 Ford F-100 pickup truck…..and yes, that is in fact a gondola from the old State Fair of Texas ride…….

Cute, huh? I built that fence if I don’t mind saying so…….

Seriously now, ya’ll.


My mid-sized approximately 40 year old hackberry that fell out into my street: good riddance to you Sir! I will replace you with a lovely pecan.

Thank you for your shade, Mr. Tree!


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