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Seen – Ralph Lauren Rugby Limited Edition Pashley Tweed Run Bicycle

Submitted by on October 30, 2011 – 9:09 am3 Comments
Ralph Lauren Rugby "Tweed Run" collection

Rugby Tweed Run collection. photo via (click for source)

As mentioned here, Rugby (Ralph Lauren) has introduced the “Tweed Collection” of apparel devoted to, well, tweed ride cycling culture.  They’ve actually done a very nice job recreating a classic, British inspired look.  No doubt much of their clothing line will appeal to those who enjoy tweed rides and those who just like sporting a vintage look.

Most noteworthy is they’ve partnered with Pashley Cycles to produce a limited edition (50 pieces) “Tweed Run” bike.  As luck would have it the Highland Park Village Rugby store has one of these bikes in stock, so I dropped by to see one in captivity. It’s a handsome bicycle.

In many respects the Tweed Run bicycle is simply a Ralph Lauren/Rugby branded Pashley Guv’nor with a two-speed and coaster brake (and a front hub brake will make Mr Husman happy) .  They’ve added some Ralph Lauren bling, head badge, stripes and such, but the bike is very much a Pashley Guv’nor,

“…the style and elegance of the 1930s Path Racer has returned with the Guv’nor. Based on the model made by the Company in the 1930s, the Guv’nor has a classic and relaxed style”

In other words, the geometry is super slack (i.e. “relaxed”) yet the turned-down bars give it a sporty feel.  Good to know.

So I had hoped my visit to the Rugby store would allow me to get close and intimate with the bike, in fact I planned to ride it; but as you can see it’s currently being used as a  display in what I’m calling their “Tweed” room.  Bummer.

rugby tweed run pashley bicycle

at the Highland Park Village Rugby shop

I haven’t seen to many Pashley’s in the wild or in captivity so I didn’t really know what to expect.  Clearly Pashley is well-known and trusted name in cycling  but I’m no expert on them and due to the distance most of my observations are superficial at best.

That said I was immediately impressed by the rich, blue paint and subtle color scheme.  It really is a visually appealing bike and the Ralph Lauren/Tweed bling is pretty subtle overall, but it’s not like you’d be riding something ridiculous like a Guess shirt or some Nike swoosh that screams advertising.

The Brooks b17 and wrapped grips are apparent but my eyesight was not able to glean much more than that. The printed technical specifications can be read here, but they’re not terribly detailed (two speed coaster brake, Ralph Lauren bling, Brooks saddle, etc). I’m not sure how long the bike has been in the Dallas Rugby store, but I imagine most customers think it’s decor and not necessarily a bike that’s for sale nor would they know anything about the maker and such.  My guess is they’re not itching to sell it, there is no visible pricing or details which suggests the value is in the display ambiance it lends to the room.

I bet they’d sell it in a week if they put it on the floor and attach a price and a few details.  Put it in an ad in the newspaper and watch the curious flock to the shop.

In closing, my initial impression of the Rugby Tweed Run bicycle is a positive one.  It’s a very elegant, sporty bike to own and as I

mentioned, the brand bling is neither obnoxious nor distracting.  After all, it is a limited edition Ralph Lauren Rugby bicycle, so naturally it’s going to be branded as such.  But they have done that in a tasteful manner that doesn’t detract from the bike’s appearance.  And there’s something to be said about owning 1 of 50 Pashleys.

And for those of you interested in a Pashley, but something a bit skimpier than a $2,200 example, drop by the Oak Cliff Bicycle Company’s shop some time, they’re a Pashley dealer.

Until then check out this crazy graphic by Jamie Beck for Ralph Lauren Rugby Tweed Run site:Jamie Beck

Cinemagraph by Jamie Beck via (click for source)

Like the graphic above? It’s a .gif done in a style called “cinemagraph”. Read more about cinemagraphs, Jamie Beck and Kevin Berg here.  Beck and Berg have done some compelling cinemagraphs and I find I’m increasingly inspired to grab my Sony video camera and give it a  go myself.

Stare at the one above for a minute and imagine what they might be saying to each other, or thinking.  Maybe it’s the bourbon but it’s kinda fun to me.  We should have a contest for the best caption.  The guy is playing with his handlebar while staring intensely at the woman, while she pretends not to notice the sexual tension hanging in the air.  Yes the azaleas are beautiful this time of year…

Moving right alongspeaking of Tweed Runs and Rides…More on the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff November 13th 2011 Tweed Ride can be found here.

– Chris


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