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Santa Fe Trail Update: Numero Dos

Submitted by on February 1, 2010 – 11:28 amOne Comment

“Away we go, like a herd of turtles.”

That is what my late grandfather, Samuel Hubbard, always said when we were leaving on vacation. He was from Atlanta, Georgia, so you have to imagine a very heavy southern accent.

On that note: back to E. Dallas for a trail update.

I was on my commute from my office in Lakewood to my home in Casa Linda last week and I ventured over to see how the progress is coming on Phase 2 of the Santa Fe Trail. I was so surprised by the construction crew working on the first part of the trail that I zipped under their front-end loader without getting a pic. But the trail is beginning to take shape and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo the first person to ride it.

As you can see in the above photo, the lovely concrete trail came to a surprising end just as my “early trail user self-satisfaction level”  was peaking. The bridge that you see in the photo is where Brookside turns into Monte Vista as the street goes into the Hollywood Heights neighborhood of E. Dallas. Of course, this expedition would continue due to the hardy nature of my latest bicycle purchase, The zippy Bianchi Urban Commuter.

So I rode on:

Here is the back end of the Lakewood Country Club:

Then some workers. Way to go guys! Thank you for your hard work! More smooth sailing on this hard-packed dirt.

Here is where the trail will cross Westshore:

Right by Lindsley Park:

And onward. Ahead? Yes sir, that’s the Grand Ave. bridge ahead and a resounding “hell yea” to the question “Is there a liquor or beer store around here somewhere?”

So I go under E. Grand Ave……

this is part of the trail where I began to think, “hmmmmmmm”…..

Onward…… this where ya’ll do ya’lls gang initiation rituals?

So the future bike trail apparently curves around under this bridge and heads back to Garland Rd./E. Grand this way:

And all that mud that you see down there (above, rather) is why I gave up. It’s not like I’m some big baby. We’re only a few hundred feet at this point from the soon-to-be bike bridge crossing Garland/Grand. They just finished pouring the big pier in the median:

Obviously, there is no bicycle bridge here at this time for me to cross, so I had to cross busy Garland Rd. down by the 7-11 next to the Spillway on Winsted. At that point, one can re-enter the bike trail that circles White Rock Lake. This photo was taken from the edge of the bike trail and shows the construction that is going on near and around the Spillway. Anyone remember March 19, 2006? It rained 10.3 inches in my backyard a few miles from this spot on that date, and the water almost swept this entire dam away. They have been basically working on it ever since, but they are almost done, and it is going to be really nice when they do. And it isn’t going anywhere this time. see the nice overlook?

Finally, here is the juncture where the Santa Fe Trail will soon intersect the White Rock Trail, right behind the same Spillway:

If you were to climb through the orange tape and look down this soon to be completed trail, you would see the old railroad bridge that will soon carry me over Winsted and on a few hundred yeards more to Garland Rd.

So there you have it. Almost done. The beauty of all of this? Very soon, people will be flowing down this trail from parts all over. One more link.


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