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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 With a Bike by 14 Bike Co.

Submitted by on September 30, 2011 – 10:29 am2 Comments


Full disclosure, I own a Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 and a couple of bicycles.  That said…Samsung is doin’ it all wrong…

Samsung has partnered with UK based 14 Bike Company to produce a slick looking single speed bike with a top-tube attached carbon fiber device which holds a Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1. The bike appears to be a steel, lugged frame and with a crown fork.  Details on the bike are pretty scarce so far, but it certainly looks nice.

Pop a wheelie with your carbon fiber wrapped tablet between your knees.

The bike has sport written all over it, it’s meant to ride fast.  One problem is the Samsung tablet is

Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 shown with the disembodied hand option (not available in the UK)

not an industrial piece designed for heavy vibrations, sudden shock, getting knocked around by human knees, etc.  That top tube is going to serenade the tablet mount with constant vibration, bumps, not to mention  the jarring from sudden stops, skids, curb drop/jumps and unscheduled water landings. This is not a good idea.

And you’re going to whack it with your knees at some point, it’s gonna happen and that can’t be good for the tablet. You’ll also be paranoid (rightfully so) and keep looking between your legs to make sure your tablet is happy and not about to fall out of the mount.  Not good.

I’ve read where Samsung actually suggests one might use it while they pedal. Hey why not just knit a sweater for your sweetheart while pedaling, or practice closing your eyes and counting sheep?  Why not?

Because it’s crazy!

Encouraging people to take their eyes off the road is crazy talk. Doing so also poses a risk to any pedestrians in the vicinity of the  menacing Samsung tablet cyclist.

The Samsung tab 10.1 can also double as an advertising billboard

They’re Not Evil, So What Gives?

This is an attention grabbing effort for both companies and I have my doubts as to whether this will go into production anytime soon.  I certainly hope not. Neither of these are stupid companies and they both make good products, so what the hell as they say.  Samsung is one of several companies who are trying to cash in on the recent surge in cycling.  I think this is a good thing.

A few fashion houses have been doing the same and cycling is the central theme in an upcoming action thriller movie (just typing that gave me a rush).  Over the last few years cycling has slowly been percolating it’s way to the top of American culture.  It’s green, it’s healthy, it’s hip so why not ride that train? Naturally companies want to cash in on a trend that has positive implications.

Good for them.

So I think Samsung trying to cash in only raises the visibility of cycling, and therefore they should be applauded.  But this effort is a fail and they need to self-correct. Quickly.

How To Recover

What they could have done, or could do, is produce the same bike with a solid,

The Samasung Galaxy tablet can levitate (WiFi version only)

rear mounted rack that you drop a padded canvas bag in.  Something made for a tablet that keeps it secure, like a Tenba Messenger bag.

A bag like that would protect your Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1, Xoom, Blackberry, Hackberry, iPad, your pad, their pad. Whatever. That would make your tablet safe and keep your eyes where they should be.  On the road and not between your legs.  I mean, this is an easy fix, put the tablet in a secure bag and put the bag in a sturdy rack, where it belongs.  This is not rocket science.

Less hassle than a laptop and more useful than a cell phone, I take my Samsung tablet on most of my bike rides these days.  And it travels in a canvas bag that goes in a rack.  Trying to mount one on a bike’s top tube is just not a good idea. I hope Samsung regroups and comes up with a better idea.

Oh, and look for my review of the Samsung tablet soon.




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