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“Run Keeper” app for iphones

Submitted by on May 29, 2010 – 10:34 pm4 Comments

I highly recommend this app if you have an iphone. It tracks your phone by its’ GPS signal and tells you how far that you’ve gone, how fast that you’ve  travelled, and how many calories that you’ve burned. It is designed to be used for any sport that requires movement: walking, running, skiing, bicycling, etc.

I love it!  I’m always wondering how far that I’ve gone on my bike, but I really have too many bikes to be putting odometers on all of them. Now I don’t need to. It’s really just a very obvious use of readily available technology, but I’m still amazed by this sort of thing.

Today I rode 15.35 miles while going to six garage sales, the Green Spot on Buckner for breakfast tacos and a Shiner Bock (yes, they serve alcohol now), and a trip around White Rock Lake in the heat. It felt like 20 miles to me, but it wasn’t. It was 15.35.


Below you see the E. Dallas  Green Spot’s Breakfast of Champions:


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