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Riding the Santa Fe Trestle Trail

Submitted by on April 10, 2013 – 9:44 pm4 Comments

You may have never heard of it… but there it is, quietly connecting the Cedars to Oak Cliff. Sitting next to the DART line and crossing over a failed kayak park is the beautiful Santa Fe Trestle Trail.


Once you descend into the Trinity River area, this trail and bridge is a like a little slice of perfectly maintained apocalypse. No one is here. The roar of downtown Dallas is suddenly hushed. All is quiet except for the rushing water and occasional DART train. The newly planted trees are struggling to grow.


Taking a little break at the top, watch the water spill over the man-made rapids. Look back and forth…you’ll notice that the abandoned Santa Fe train tracks are still mostly in-place. Suddenly the geography will connect…a straight line forms in your mind to the other side of downtown to the rest of the Santa Fe Trail.

Find out more about the Santa Fe Trestle Trail at the Trinity River Corridor Project.

Due to gravel in the parking lot and ramp on the Dallas side, a bike with fat tires is probably preferred.

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Eliot Landrum has been riding bicycles of all shapes and sizes since he was a kid, and has found a new love of cycling in Dallas as an adult. Eliot shares the joy of safe cycling with others through the CyclingSavvy DFW bicycle traffic safety workshops and leading small social rides in East Dallas. You can find his photos and various geeky writings on his personal blog.

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