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Puzzling Evidence

Submitted by on June 16, 2010 – 1:57 am5 Comments

Last night I repacked the rear wheel bearings on my Fuji road bike restoration project. I had never repacked loose bearings on any bike, much less any road bike. So I was very careful. Even though my workshop is in my garage, I repacked the wheel at my dining room table for the better light, the AC and my wifes company. I did it right: I know I did. I had my wife take a look inside the cup before I packed the grease. She’s pretty crafty, and her input on projects is helpful. So I finished it and reassembled the wheel. Hooray for me! I’m almost done with this project.

Then this evening, when I was sweeping the dog hair around on our wooden floors about five feet from where I rebuilt the wheel, I found it:

Criminy! “No way”, I cried aloud to my wife. She concurred. She stated that she watched me, and that no ball bearings hit the floor.  And yet……there was this puzzling evidence.

I reluctantly reopened the wheel. This ball bearing was the same size as the others. It was difficult to see with all of the grease, but both sides appeared to contain the correct amount of bearings, and each side held the same amount.

I put the wheel back together. I don’t get it.  I really don’t. If not from this wheel, where did this ball bearing come from?

Maybe if I go to bed, the ball bearing won’t be there in the morning.


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