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No Town and Country for Old Men: Update

Submitted by on February 22, 2010 – 11:56 pm3 Comments

I’m pretty excited.  My long struggle to restore my 1970 Schwinn Town and Country Tri-Wheeler nears an end. Here is the re-assembly station in Casa Linda:

This rebuild was a bit of a challenge for me. These trikes have some odd elements, and I was determined to break it completely down. Here is a shot of the other side:

Regular readers of this site might notice how free of leaves my driveway is in these shots……..

The only thing that I was unable to completely restore myself was the Yellow-Band 2-Speed Bendix Kickback Hub. Yea, exactly. Just trying saying it real fast a couple of times, much less rebuilding the damn thing.  I’ll post pics once I get it back from Ace Mechanic Jack Gillespie at Richardson Bike Mart. Not many guys know how to rebuild a vintage hub like that one, but Jack does. Thanks and a shout out to Joel Smith from my regular neighborhood Garland Rd. Richardson Bike Mart location for pointing me in the right direction with Jack.  Jack works out at the RBM location in North Dallas. I’m not sure really where the store is………it was so far north I was shaking with the cold. I would generally only be out that far north if I was in an airplane flying out of Dallas. I am going to drop off the entire trike with those guys at the North Pole RBM, hopefully tomorrow, because I got a call from them today that the bendix hub is ready.

Thanks to owner Jim Hoyt, too, for some interesting trivia regarding the manufacture of the rear hub on the trikes. If it wasn’t for both Jack and Jim’s input, I would have neeeeeeever gotten the crazy rear axle/hub apart. It made me feel like a better man for doing it, and I thank you gentleman.


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