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In The News – Lee Harvey Oswald, Rick Perry, and more

Submitted by on August 28, 2011 – 12:32 pm5 Comments

I’m just a patsy!

Last Friday WFAA, the Dallas Morning News, and UnFair Park (Dallas Observer) all reported on the legal battle between the owner of a crumbling apartment complex and the city of Dallas.  Side note, does WFAA have the most annoying website in the entire metroplex, or is it me?

It seems Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife and daughter were once renters at an apartment complex in Oak Cliff on 600 Elsbeth Street.  Anything Lee Harvey is news in Dallas you see. Well about four years ago Jane Bryant, president of Align LP, bought the property with the hopes of rehabilitating it into a profitable venture.  Four years later the city of Dallas claims no work has been done to the boarded up eye sore and they want to see it bulldozed.  The property is not a historic landmark, but dang you would probably put some period furniture in the unit where the Oswald family lived and rent it out like a hotel room to conspiracy buffs and rent the other units on a monthly basis and make some money.

Concept and reality via Dallas Observer

I’m sympathetic to both sides, I’ve owned enough “fixer-uppers” in my day to know that I’ll never own another one the rest of my life, they tend to be a financial black hole not to mention the unending hassle of having to jump through so many inspection hurdles and such.  On the other hand, the city of Dallas has a responsibility to not allow vacant, crumbling apartment complexes to gain root in our fair city.  Let’s hope these two parties can find a way to get along, and that soon you’ll be able to rent the room where the Oswalds slept. You can read the legal machinations here.

From the WTF desk

Cycling was a brief topic in a recent issue of Esquire magazine.  Cycling and style that is, or more to the point – cycling and demin do not mix, it seems.

What were they thinking?

The blokes (that’s what cool people call the British, blokes) at Esquire, opined,

“Now that we’re all cycling again (or at least attempting to) the big question becomes, what do we wear when we’re doing it? As anyone with a worn through pair of denim will know, it’s not ideal to wear when pedalling. And seeing as we’re not fans of lycra, we need an alternative. Which is why we spoke to Abe Burnmeister of Outlier, a company specialising in clothes that can take us from the saddle to the office.”

So I’ve read this article several times now and still don’t have a clue as to what I should be wearing instead of “demin” (aka blue jeans). Maybe you can solve this riddle better than me.

That’s Just Sick and Wrong…Where Can I Buy One?

This would work for someone like Kinky Friedman

Bicycle Times, one of my favorite bike magazines, has an article on their site that gives a glimpse of some of the kookier bikes that Specialized have come up with recently.  I’m guessing these are not planned for production anytime soon, but drop by and read “Wacky and wild bikes by Specialized” when you have a few minutes to spare.

Biking in Bali

Speaking of cool bike magazines, Urban Velo has an interesting video and related article about cycling in Bali, the country and not the health dealio.  Specifically it’s about how the cycling culture there has changed, especially in the fixed gear space.

“Filmmaker Josh Estey writes: I proudly present yet another self-glorifying fixed gear video, adding to the erroneous plethora of useless fixed geared bicycle films littering the Internet.

“My latest epic release Fixed Gear Bali, is the follow up to the ever-popular Fixed Gear Jakarta, a film that went viral among my family. FGB is a transindental trip around the “Island of the Gods,” highlighting the various sects of the blossoming partisan cycling movement”

You can read more at Urban Velo.

It’s Only a Theory…Oh The Lulz!

The producers of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” announced today that Republican presidential candidate and current Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has agreed to be a contestant on an episode planned for October. Hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, the popular game show pits an adult against a team of, well, 5th graders to see who’s the smartest.   It will surprise you how challenged many adults appear when compared to school children.

When asked about his upcoming appearance on the show Governor Perry said, “Aw shucks, I’m lookin’ ford tuh matchin’ my wits with a bunch a school childrens”  Perry went on to say,

“Gravity is only a theory and in Texas we teach both theories to our childrens; the one come up by scientists who just want our tax dollars for more grants, and the true theory that little invisible gremlins cling to our cowboy boots to keep us from fallin’ off the planet.  You seem like a smart boy, which one makes sense to you?”

"little bitty gremlins, they just grip yer boots with they tiny hands to keep you from fallin off the planet"

So far Perry is the only candidate to be invited to the show which prompted fellow Republican presidential candidate Jon “call me crazy” Huntsman to state, “Look just because I’m lagging in the polls and some of my party seems to have no interest in rational thinking is no reason to exclude me from a debate, or from competing on “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.”

On a more serious note I was delighted to see fellow nutter Ben Stein provides Governor Perry with a free lesson on economics that even a 5th grader could grasp.  CBS has made it so you cannot embed the video, so click here for it. In short, the Fed makes money cheap for businesses to borrow, so they will invest more, which leads to job creation. Stein explains to Governor Perry that this is not an act of “treason”, it is a sound and tested economic policy.


Anyhow, that’s all the news for today

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