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How It All Started by Tori See

Submitted by on September 5, 2011 – 3:49 pmOne Comment

I was reading the I Wish I Didn’t Have to Drive blog and saw another blog listed that I had never seen:  Pedestrian! Two Points! so dropped by and started reading what Tori See was up to.  Her about me states “Trying to be green in a state that runs red leaves me with a lot of stories to tell” and she does indeed have stories to tell.  I thought her writing was funny, profane and nicely captures the fun and adventure of bike commuting.  She’s also a graphic artist, so be sure to drop by her professional site.  I asked if she’d be kind enough to write something for Biking in Dallas and that’s just what she did. – Chris

Tori's Schwinn Madison, Sidney

How It All Started – Tori See

I got into cycling one of the easiest ways a girl gets into anything: because of a boy.

I’m not proud of this, it just happens to be true. He was a bigtime cyclist and he was superduper into it and superduper cute and I figured it couldn’t hurt for me to give it a shot too so I grabbed an old bike out of my parents’ garage.

Now keep in mind, this was not exactly a top of the line bike. This bike was

Tori See

purchased, I believe, at Target. In the 90’s. This was a hunk of junk  mountain bike that I really never even bothered to even take a good picture of her because quite frankly, it wasn’t worth it. It was a good starter bike. I got laughed at (laughed with?) for it quite a bit, she was a klunker, but the attitude was always the same: whatever gets you in the saddle.

She sure as shit got me in the saddle.

I started riding everywhere. To the grocery store, to get my haircut, to my parents’ house and (once I realized the DART cut the 15-mile commute in half) to work. Once I realized I didn’t need a car, I didn’t want a car and once I didn’t want a car, all I wanted to do was ride.

The honest truth is that I started cycling because of a boy but I fell in love with cycling because of cycling. It was how the wind felt on my face and in my hair and how I liked seeing my knees go up and down and up and down. I loved the feeling of getting places under my own power and felt like this was how we were meant to live. None of this engines and smoke and pollution bullshit, just the beauty of the human machine.

"The sunrise, not the highway" - via Pedestrian! Two Points!

Now I ride a stunner of a bike but the feeling was the same on Bertha. It doesn’t matter what you ride, just that you ride. So, to steal my favorite phrase, you’re not in traffic, you are traffic. Get out of that car and into the saddle. It could be for the exercise or for saving the environment or cutting expenses or because you have this irrational fear that your engine is going to explode and kill you.

Because really? It doesn’t get much better than this.

– Tori

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