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How I Spent My Rainy Tuesday Evening

Submitted by on September 14, 2010 – 10:59 pm5 Comments

New wide, platform pedals. Much better.

Not everything I own is old or vintage, I have a modern Trek FX 7.2 which is a “fitness” bike that I have slowly converted to a urban utility bike.  I’ve dumped way more money into it than I should but it’s often been my proof of concept bike that I use to experiment with, so I consider some of the money spent to be a research and development investment.  When it comes to pedals I prefer road pedals with clips, especially if I’m riding with any speed, but I have increasingly become dissatisfied with clips on this particular bike.

These had to go

I don’t ride this bike very fast anymore and I have a front and read rack with huge Basil bags so speed is no longer a consideration.  I’ve also been occasionally riding with a friend who doesn’t own a bike and this makes a great loaner, except the clips.  For someone who’s not used to riding a bike with clips it can be really awkward if not down right dangerous.  So I spent my evening changing the pedals to something more urban and user friendly.

Much better!

The ones I bought are a generic wide platform style pedals and they’re a low end brand so there’s nothing much to say other than they’re very comfortable and most importantly, they don’t have clips.  I’m delighted with the end result.  I’ve got rat trap pedals on my Peugeot that will soon be replaced with old style platform pedals as well. My road bikes still use clips, but the urban bikes at my place are all going old-school clipless.  They are more comfortable and user friendly and they look kind of nice too.

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Chris started riding a bike again when he noticed the Preston Ridge Trail being constructed across the street from his house. Since then he co-founded Biking in Dallas, has gone through countless Craigslist bike projects (some better than others) and can be found pedaling around town on a Electra Ticino with a camera in tow.

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