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Glenn Beck Moving To Dallas

Submitted by on October 19, 2011 – 9:03 pm5 Comments

King of All Nutters

Not to get overly political, but this is too disturbing for folks in Dallas to ignore.  I just read in the Dallas Observer UnFair Park that Glenn Beck might be moving at least part of his Empire of Stupid to Dallas.  DO’s Robert Wilonsky wrote, “Glenn Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts production company, which employs ’round 100, is eying the former Gateway Church building on Southlake, which takes up around 60,000 square feet. The item actually goes before that city’s Planning and Zoning Commission tomorrow.”  They were tipped off by an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Funny quote from the S-T article,  “John Taylor, whose home backs up to the property, said he’s concerned about having security on-site for Beck because his opinions are controversial.”We may love him dearly, but there are a lot of people who don’t…” Some people don’t love Glenn Beck, didn’t see that one coming.

There’s no reason to discuss all the reasons why Glenn Beck is a psycho, he just is.  Beck claims to have telepathic communications with a deity, let’s hope that deity tells him Dallas is not the Promised Land.

Other Nutters In Dallas

Dallas has a history of far right wing nut cases and related groups such as the infamous General Edwin Walker who was a huge proponent of the John Birch Society , and more recently Farmers Branch was home to Robert Tilton (the farting preacher, watch here).  Tilton ran an amazingly successful ($$$$$) church/televangelism industry called the Word Of Faith Church.  Just a few years ago Benny Hinn bought real estate in the Dallas area and had plans to relocate his faith healing cult, but so far no sign of him in these parts. Lucky us.

Of course most every far right wing radio station eventually finds a listing base in Dallas and even McCarthy lovin’ H.L Hunt funded two right wing Dallas radio shows, Facts Forum and Life Line.

Die commies!

Dallas is currently home to several mega-churches devoted to enriching the lives of those who run them and the naive flocks that love them;  Beck will have plenty of fans in this area should he make the move.

Here’s some nutter trivia for you – Fred Koch, the founder of Koch Industries, was one of the founders of the John Birch Society.  Two of his sons now run the company and they’re credited with funding the modern Tea Party Movement.

Anyhow, to any rational person Glenn Beck is a cartoon character who makes a living breeding stupid. I sincerely hope he finds another neighborhood to call home.

EDIT – it’s official Beck is moving to Dallas

– Chris

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