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Garage Sale Find: Bridgestone

Submitted by on April 12, 2010 – 12:09 am2 Comments

So I was driving to the City of Dallas’ Fair Oaks Transfer Station with a pickup truck full of rubbish today………..and guess what I found at a garage sale on the way there?

A mid 70s lugged frame Bridgestone 400 ten speed with a Chromoly frame. Very light, very fast.

I realize that it isn’t really a very good photo……it is my iphone photo that I take at the scene of every score.  I will post more pics later.

But here is what made my heart go pitter patter……shoot, I shouldn’t even tell anybody this, it’s one of my secrets……damnit.

OK. I go to a lot of garage sales, and I always have. My whole life. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay before I got this sick obsessive compulsive disorder…and it is a disorder…..regarding bicycles.

At every garage sale or estate sale, regardless of any evidence of bicycles or of a lack thereof, , I ask the sellers, “Do you have any bicycles for sale?”.  At this particular sale, I asked the sellers this very question. The two men that were having the sale are  a nice couple that live in my neighborhood. One of them said, “We had a few, but we sold them…..”; typical answer.

But then his partner said, “What about that old ten speed hanging in the garage……?”

What, indeed?

I think that the frame is too small, but I’m not certain. To that end, right this minute, I think that I’m gonna roll that bike outside and tear around the block again.


Post Script

Here are a couple of pics of the bike that I took today. It’s a zippy road bike, but the frame is a bit small for me.


Very light-weight, too!

Lovely head-badge!

and the model number:

Don’t be surprised if you see this one on CL soon!

My search for the perfect vintage road bike continues.


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