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Feds Drop the Lance Armstrong Investigation

Submitted by on February 4, 2012 – 11:01 pmNo Comment

On Friday, Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles announced they are closing a two-year investigation into doping allegations against seven time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong.  As everyone in the world knows, allegations of systematic doping  have dogged Armstrong for ages now.  Although he’s been tested over 500 times, not one of those tests produced conclusive evidence of doping.  I take that back,  one test revealed doping yet the murky circumstances around it rendered the results unreliable.  Murky circumstances that some say Armstrong purchased. Either way anyone familiar with testing and dope knows that a clean test does not prove innocence, it only means they have not been caught.  It’s difficult to establish innocence once you’re accused in this sport.

photo via team radio shack

Most of his accusers have their own history of doping, which doesn’t mean their charges are untrue, it just muddies the conversation.  Who do you trust, an admitted doper, or the accused?

I am neither a hater nor a member of the Lance cult, though I’m a bit weary of Lance worship. Whether he doped or not he was a brilliant athlete and tactician.  He was inspiring to watch and is responsible for raising the awareness of cycling to an immeasurable amount of people.  Don’t get me wrong, you won’t see me hollering “we’re number one” at any Tour de France crowds.  Lance won but the thunder cloud(s) of doubt keep me from bragging about those wins.  Even still he’s an extraordinary athlete.

I’m glad the investigation has come to a conclusion.  Quite frankly I’ve grown tired of all of it.  On a more positive note, I sure like Mellow Johnny’s in Austin.


Mellow Johnny's

Mellow Johnny's


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