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el Tour de Taco Sunday the 15th

Submitted by on January 12, 2012 – 9:16 pmNo Comment

photo credit album art from a little ol band from Texas

Bike Friendly Deep Ellum will be rocking the city of Dallas starting @ 1:30 this Sunday the 15th.  Meet at
St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin
(2730 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75227 – map)

From the Facebook event:

click me, I dare you

So here’s the plan: meet up for a bike ride, log 20 or so miles, find a taco stand and enjoy.
Afterwards we can always go find a local Ellum watering hole to hoist a pint and talk about how good/ bad the last particular taco stop was.
I’m gonna get off my bum and start trying to host one of these every month on the middle Sunday with a few ground rules:
The ride will be around 20 miles with a leisure pace and we won’t leave you behind.
If it’s raining, the ride is cancelled.
If temps go below 40, the ride is cancelled.
I want to try all the taco joints I can find, so if you know of something, please suggest it.
Starting location will change regularly but will always be kid and bicycle friendly.
We’ll cover a nice distance but the emphasis will be on fun and community.
Every ride should end before the sun goes down but if you’d like to ride with us to the after ride celebration lights are highly encouraged. Also, I tend to think that my helmet looks pretty darn sexy so I rock one whenever I roll and I don’t like tickets but that gamble’s up to you.
Nuts & bolts: We meet at 1:30, ride at 2… play till 3:30-4 p.m. and then have some tacos. after party around 5.

Now go sign up on the Facebook page and we’ll see you on Sunday.

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