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Dallas Police Bikes for the Ages: Look on my Works, ye mighty, and Despair!

Submitted by on April 5, 2010 – 1:34 amNo Comment

I had to go down to the Dallas Police Department’s headquarters on Lamar today to get a certified copy of a police report. These are their (relatively) new headquarters across from Southside on Lamar, just south of downtown Dallas. It’s a pretty impressive building with lots of cool stuff to look at in the lobby: old police motorcycles, police cars, photos and equipment.

As I left, I looked at these amazing bronze bas-relief sculptures imbedded in the plaza out in front of the building. They are flush to the ground, so that people walk over them on the way into the building. They show the history of the Dallas Police Dept. in crazy detail. Included amongst the Thompson Submachine guns, handcuffs, radios, etc., ad infinitum, I found this:

Old school!

 And this modern wonder:

As far as public art goes, it’s really pretty interesting, and worth a look. Bicycles in Bronze in Big D!

Who knew?


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