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“Dallas Bike Works”: Welcome to White Rock Lake

Submitted by on February 28, 2010 – 11:22 am4 Comments

I was as surprised as I could be today when I turned onto Lawther Dr. off of Northwest Highway heading towards Mockingbird Ln. and saw this:

Anybody that grew up around here, like me, can probably only think of this place as “P.T.’s”, the topless bar that was located here for many years. Before that, it was a very nice restaurant and private club, but that was long ago. The City of Dallas forced the owners of P.T.’s to close the place several years ago, and it has been sitting empty ever since. So imagine my delight to see the above sign promising a “Dallas Bike Works” location. I literally stopped my old truck in the middle of Lawther Dr. and backed up into the parking lot to take the picture. As I was driving off, a guy that was shoveling stuff around on the side of the building yelled at me:

“Hey, aren’t you going to take my picture?”

So I drove back and introduced myself to Boyd Wallace, owner/proprietor/laborer:

He was very pleasant, and he was certainly excited about this new location for one of his bike stores. He said that they are going to open in several weeks. He also said that they were going to have a deck and that they will have a taqueria, smoothies, etc. I should have asked more questions and gotten more detailed information, but I was out running errands and wasn’t prepared for an interview.

They have a great location. The White Rock Creek Trail that heads north from the White Rock Lake Trail runs right in front of the store 9and directly behind mr. Wallace in the photo). The DART White Rock Station is across Northwest Highway. And they are next door to a liquor store.



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