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Cyclocross Madness! by Raul Bonifacio

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Whether racing, touring, or just tooling around on two wheels, Raul Bonifacio has been a fixture in the Dallas cycle world for years now.  Keep tabs on more of his shennanigans at Pedallas. – Chris

Cyclocross Madness!   by Raul Bonifacio

You would never think that twenty minutes plus three laps is all you need to push yourself to the limit. Imagine yourself riding on a course that is half a mile, that might include sand, mud, hills, stairs, barriers and even creek crossings. The sound of music blasting and the motivating sounds of cowbells and cheering keeps cyclocross racers coming back for more. Call us what you may- masochists, loonies, or heros- but I guarantee you that when you try it you’ll be hooked.

You do not need to have a fancy cross bike to try it out;  you can totally use a mountain bike or whatever you have in the garage. The goal is for you to go out and try it. The atmosphere at these events is so rich, everyone is welcome and support comes from all directions. I have raced on a few courses this season and when I went to Tuesday Night Time Trials in Ft. Worth you could just smell the awesomeness in the air. The course was on point, and you could tell time and thought was put into the route.

The racers were super nice yet still competitive. I do not race on a regular basis. Shoot, I’m just a common commuter who wanted to try something different. But now that I am hooked I find myself driving to Plano and Ft. Worth just to race others with the same enthusiasm for this sport. Don’t fret, my friends that live inside of 635.

Word on the street is that cyclocross will be available in your hood in the next few weeks! So prepare your bicycles, practice your dismounts, and purchase some knobby tires from your LBS! We will wait for you at the starting line!  More about the Tuesday night time trials here on Facebook.

– Raul


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