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Coming Soon to a Bike Path or Public Street Near You: FALL!

Submitted by on August 22, 2010 – 2:51 am7 Comments

It’s true. It’s not some sick joke. It really is about to cool off. Manana? No. Tomorrow it will be 105 degrees F. You’ll need to bring any paper products indoors, because that is the temperature at which such things spontaneously combust.

But soon. And what does that mean? It means that we go into the best time of the year in North Texas: our lovely extended fall followed by our very nice temperate winter and a lovely spring. Months and months of weather that are usually perfect for riding.  People that live in very cold northern climes, in cities like Minneapolis or Boston or  Chicago, those people think of spring as this wonderful time of rebirth, renewal, emergence. The release from a tomb of ice.

Not me, man. Fall means that to me in North Texas: it is the time of our emergence from the grip of the inferno of heat. Renaisssance! Rebirth. Renewal.

 Sweaters! Jackets! That stylish long-sleeved shirt that you forgot about.

The Great State Fair of Texas! Group rides (that would be you, Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, and all of the other Bike Friendly groups that have spun off from you across the Metroplex).

It really is truly all going to happen. And I’m glad, because I’m sick of this heat. I haven’t been riding much, save for short rides in the morning, maybe five miles or so.

Friday I forced myself to get out and commute to my office, about a 15 mile round trip. Riding home with a heat index of 108 wasn’t as bad as you might think: I’m not a complete baby. I grew up here.

But it’s August 22. I’m tired of it. I get the joke. Next stop: Fall.


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