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Celebrities Fight Back featuring Alberto Contador

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Take that, wanker!

There are many things that are disturbing in life and somewhere in the top 100 are the crazed cycling fans who literally harass professional cyclists as they make their way up mountain stages or even when they’re doing individual time trials.  It’s not just at the Tour de France, it was just as silly at the Tour of California this year.

I thought I was going to have a stroke when I watched this psycho in green medical garb run up to Alberto Contador and put a stethoscope on Contador’s chest the day he began his attack and was pedaling desperately to put time into Andy Schleck.  Had he knocked Alberto over it would have cost him at least a minute, probably much more because he would have lost all his momentum. And what is up with men wearing bikinis at these events?

So when I saw Contador back hand this crazed fan I got to thinking…They should put out a DVD called “When Celebrities Fight Back” The opening scene could be Contador clocking the crazed medical fiend:

The next scene could be from 2010 when Cadel Evans got fed up with the media constantly in his face and person and gave one a nice head butt:

Then I thought we wouldn’t have to limit the video to cyclists, for instance what about Hugh Grant fighting back at the paparazzi by secretly recording a conversation he had with investigator previously hired by Rupert Murdoch’s empire.

Don't hack me, bro. AAA news corp

As it turns out, there is overwhelming evidence (and admission) that for possibly a decade Murdoch’s empire has been responsible for hacking into cell phones, and bribing members of the Metropolitan Police (and possibly those hired to protect the Royal Family) to get access to information about celebrities, Royals and British government officials for articles they write and influence they wield against British officials.

Hugh Grant was a victim of this scheme.  What if Grant turned the tables and published an article exposing the depth of the News of the World corruption in a competing paper, such as The New Statesman?  That would be cool.

Tabloid Bites Man - Time

And not to pick on America’s most fair and balanced,  unbalanced octogenarian and soon to be in the hot seat with American authorities, but how about a video where he’s being interrogated by British parliament about the depth of corruption at his media empire.

Suddenly a crazed man whacks him in the face with a pie, only to be cold-cocked by Murdock’s wife, Wendi Deng Murdoch (pink blazer).  Deng would immediately become an inspiration to Tiger Wives all over the world and a hero in her native homeland of China:

Yeah I admit I like seeing cyclists and even celebrities fighting back some times.

– Chris

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