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Critical Swerve – a film by Joseph Rangel

July 1, 2013 – 3:45 pm | One Comment

Thanks to Joseph Rangel for this gorgeous video for the June Dallas Critical Mass and after party.

Critical Thinking about Bike Lanes

August 19, 2012 – 8:43 am | 7 Comments

The Dallas biking Twitter world was buzzing this weekend about sketches of bike lanes for Main Street under I-45. This might very well be the first bike lane installed within the City of Dallas.
Traffic is …

Dallas Gets Sharrows by Waco Moore

July 30, 2012 – 6:56 pm | 12 Comments

Here’s a peek at the new shared lane markings (a.k.a. “sharrows”) recently installed on MLK Blvd. in Dallas. These are some of the very first on-street facilities implemented as part of the 2011 Dallas Bike …

When We Ride – a film by Kato Bentley

June 19, 2012 – 7:23 pm | One Comment
Kato Bentley

Some of you have seen this video made by local photographer, videographer and musician, Kato Bentley. For those of you who haven’t you’re in for a treat. Most of it was filmed at the Tits …

Jesse Rosten, Fotoshop, Cyclocross and Levi Leipheimer

January 11, 2012 – 11:24 am | Comments Off on Jesse Rosten, Fotoshop, Cyclocross and Levi Leipheimer

Most everyone is now familiar with Jesse Rosten’s video gone viral,  Fotoshop by Adobe’:

Very amusing social commentary about our views on beauty, or faked beauty that is.  On the making of Fotoshop Rosten remarked,
“I was …

Ralph Lauren Rugby Partners With Pashley Cycles To Produce the Limited Edition Tweed Run Bicycle

October 17, 2011 – 12:12 pm | 11 Comments

Founded in 2004 by Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Rugby is an American luxury brand dedicated to rugby/preppy inspired lifestyle enthusiasts.  The focus is very collegiate yet they have recently introduced a line dedicated to …

Levi’s 511 Commuter Jeans, No Seriously

August 28, 2011 – 10:34 pm | 3 Comments

A discussion in the comments of this post lead me to discovering the Levi’s 511 Commuter Jean. made especially for cyclists. Before you write it off as a cheap marketing ploy, take a closer look:

Designed …

In The News – Lee Harvey Oswald, Rick Perry, and more

August 28, 2011 – 12:32 pm | 5 Comments

I’m just a patsy!
Last Friday WFAA, the Dallas Morning News, and UnFair Park (Dallas Observer) all reported on the legal battle between the owner of a crumbling apartment complex and the city of Dallas.  Side …

Green Oil Chain Lube

August 8, 2011 – 9:26 pm | Comments Off on Green Oil Chain Lube

I was reading the Product Tests section of the Spring 2011 issue of Bicycle Quarterly where I discovered the Green Oil company in the UK.  BQ editor Jan Heine tested their Green Oil Chain Lube …

The Road Trip to NAHBS 2011 – Film

March 4, 2011 – 3:10 pm | Comments Off on The Road Trip to NAHBS 2011 – Film
Vanilla Bicycles

I thought it would be fun to film some of the road trip we took to Austin for the 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show.   I used the footage I took with the Flip, some …