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Brooks B66 Saddle Review

Submitted by on December 26, 2010 – 8:44 am3 Comments

The Brooks B66 has been in service since 1927 and once upon a time these came as standard equipment on upper end bikes such as the Raleigh Superbe 3-speeds.  It’s listed in the Brooks “City/Heavy Duty” line of saddles and designed for an upright sitting position.  The B66 is a wide, leather saddle with double rails, dual chrome springs and is available in Black, Honey (shown) and Antique Brown.

I’m a big fan of the Brooks B17 and I’ve converted my Trek FX to a city bike (that’s getting heavier by the day), so I wanted a sprung saddle for added comfort.  I replaced the existing B17 with the the B66 about a year ago and I’m glad I did.

Brooks B66 Springer Saddle

Brooks B66 Springer Saddle

As mentioned, the B66 designed for city bikes and is a better choice for an upright sitting position where the handlebars are higher than the saddle.  The B66 is an old school design that has dual rails which hold a bracket that clamps to older design seat posts.  The B67 is the modern variation that utilizes a single rail that attaches to a modern micro-tilt seat post. As you can see my B66 is attached to a modern seat post without any complaint.

The seating area is wider than the Brooks B17 and you can feel the difference when sitting.  People with a generous back side will definitely appreciate the added width.  The springs seem inflexible until you’re seated and rolling over an uneven surface or bumps.  Then you can feel the springs give under the stress.  They make a considerable difference.

Brooks B66 Bicycle Saddle

Wear and Tear:

Brooks Proofide

Brooks Proofide

Like any leather saddle the Brooks B66 is pretty stiff out of the box  Over time it will break in and contour itself to your body thereby giving you a custom fit.  Using Brooks Proofide or other leather conditioners such as Mink Oil or Neatsfoot Oil can accelerate the break -in period. It will also discolor the leather somewhat as evidenced in the attached photos.  A good conditioner will also make the leather repel water.  There’s nothing like being caught in the rain and watching the water bead up on your Brooks saddle that’s impervious to water because you spent all that time conditioning it.  These are durable saddles and it’s not uncommon to see ones that have been in service for decades.

Technical Specifications:

MSRP – $135 (or so)
Length: 260mm
Width: 205mm
Weight: 1050g


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