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Bontrager Street Shoes

Submitted by on April 25, 2010 – 9:01 pm5 Comments

I try to take a few long rides each week, usually 15-20 miles.  These are my fitness rides where I’m riding to develop stamina and maybe lose a pound or two.  These extended rides, actually the discomfort I began to experience, is are what lead me to buy a pair of cycling shoes.

Most of my bikes have either MKS Sylvan Road pedals, or typical rat-trap style pedals.  I use to toe-clips as well and I usually wear sneakers when I ride.   More and more my arches started bothering me during and after these longer rides.  I realized the soles of the shoes I was wearing were just too soft for the pedals I’m using, so I started researching cycling shoes in hopes of solving my problem.

I learned that cycling shoes come in two basic styles, mountain bike Bontrager City Shoes and road shoes.  Mountain bike shoes are known for being more walking friendly (and sometimes not looking too weird), while road shoes have a reputation for better performance.  Road bike shoes have a reputation for not being very walking friendly.  Mountain bike shoes seemed more appealing but I could never seem to find a pair that I’d want to wear.  Then I stumbled upon the Bontrager Street shoes that seemed to possess most everything that I was looking for, and most importantly, they don’t look dorky.  As far as cycling shoes go, they’re almost stylish.

For starters, the sole is stiff and the arch inside the shoe is well defined, if not pronounced.  They have three Velcro straps which makes getting them on and off somewhat simple, but if you use toe-clips they can get hung up somewhat easily.  With that in mind I tend to keep my toe-clips on the loose side when I ride with these shoes.

From the manufacturer’s website:

  • Efficient and comfortable entry-level shoe for spinning or all-day comfort on the road
  • Stiff nylon plate with full rubber outsole
  • Three Velcro straps for simplicity and light weight
  • Premium perforated microfiber upper for fit and breathability
  • Two-hole SPD-style cleat attachment
  • eSoles premium insole for optimal fit and support
  • Built using Bontrager’s inForm Performance last
  • Unconditional Comfort Guarantee

After I began wearing these on my longer rides I noticed the pain I had previously experienced in my arch went away.  And although Bontrager labeled these “Street” shoes, they are meant to be worn when riding and for brief stops at a cafe or bar, or whatever, but you’re not going to throw out your Converse in favor of these.  They are not nearly as comfortable as ordinary sneakers when walking.

Finally, the Bontrager Street Shoes run about $100.  Bontrager is a Trek owned company so if you’re interested in a pair you’ll want to drop by your local Trek dealer or see them online.

Happy Trails!

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