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Bontrager Back Rack II Review

Submitted by on December 16, 2010 – 8:12 am2 Comments

I recently purchased a Bontrager Back Rack II and put it on my Trek that I’m converting to a utility bike.  It was somewhat of an impulse buy for me,  I had just installed a  Soma mini front rack and needed something to match it and the Bontrager looked perfect for the job.

Bontrager Back Rack II

I’m pleased with the construction, it’s darn near bullet proof.  In fact if your bike ever falls out of a 40 story building you’ll hope that it lands on the rack because this thing is nearly indestructible.  The mounting points are solid and even the over sized tubing gives it a beefy feel.

One peculiar thing to note – the rack has a very tiny hole to use for hooks and an ordinary bungee chord hook is going to be too big to insert through the hole.  The surrounding encasement is also on the small side and since the diagonal tube is angled (45 degrees or so) and there are no additional places for a strap/hook, therefore you cannot use something like a cargo net and you might be limited on the kind of strap/hook set up from the bags you choose.

I bet the rack works perfect with Bontrager bags,  but I bought a Basil bag set and the fasteners on it do not harmonize with the Bontrager Back Rack II very well, so the lesson here is make sure the rack you chose is going to work well with the bags you have in mind.


The rack has four holes in the light/reflector panel on the back, so there is plenty of options for lights and reflectors.  I wish that was the standard for all rear racks.

The bottom line? I would highly recommend this rack if you want something very sturdy and that can hold a good deal of weight, but because of the limited opportunities to use strap/hooks to secure your bags be sure to confirm that your bags will conform to the rack.

It comes with a silver or black finish and has a MSRP of $45.  You can find these at any Trek dealer or online.


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