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Bike Websites and Blogs

Austin on Two Wheels– The biking magazine of Austin, Texas.
Bicycle Design
– Great site that focuses on bicycle design and engineering.
Bike Art – Art exhibit representing 40+ artists with annual bike art shows.
Bike Blog NYC
– Urban Bike Culture in New York
Bike Blog – The Guardian UK.
BikeBlogs.com – “Ride Vicariously” Reviews, article, links and lots of mountain bike action too.
Bike Commute Tips – Helpful suggestions & encouragement for commuting by bicycle
Bike Fancy – Bike Fancy is people looking good on bikes. Chicago, IL.
Bike Friendly Dallas – Dallas is too bike friendly, these guys can prove it!
Bike Friendly Denton – Bike Friendly group based in Denton, Texas
Bike DFW – Bicycle education and advocacy based in Dallas, Texas.
Bike Friendly Deep Ellum – In Deep Ellum Dallas.
Bike Friendly Knox-Henderson – Bike Friendly group based in the Knox- Henderson neighborhood in Dallas, Texas

Bike Friendly North Dallas – Bike Friendly group promoting North Dallas, Texas
Bike Friendly Oak Cliff – The original “Bike Friendly” group.  They promote the Oak Cliff neighborhood in Dallas, Texas (and more).
Bike Friendly Richardson – Bike Friendly group promoting Richardson, Texas
Bike Portland – “To Inform and Inspire” Bike culture and happenings in Portland, Oregon.
Bike Rumor – You heard it there first.
Bike Skirt – Girls, their city and lots of skirts.
Bike Tutor –   Great source for how-to and other tips about bicycles.
Bikes and the City – “Bikes, Boys Y Coffee”.  That covers all the bases.  A delightful read from San Francisco, California.
Biking in LA – Kind of like biking in Dallas, only in LA.
Bitch Cakes – “A Neurotic Glamour Girl’s Weight Watchers Experience and Fitness Adventures” An inspiring blog from New York.
Commute By Bike – Tips, news, reviews and safety for bike commuters.
Concrete Lunch – Skateboarding, bikes, and notions of a sustainable society and economy.
Cyclelicious – “Cyclelicious is Yummy!” Very fun and informative blog from Santa Cruz, California.
CycleSavvy DFW – Empowerment for unlimited travel. Dallas, Texas
CycloChip – “I’m not sick, but I’m not well” Cycling photographer in North Texas.
Dallas Cycle Chic – With or without spandex.
DFW Point to Point – Where cycling and transportation converge (in North Texas).
Doohickie – “Yehuda’s second cousin” Cycling blog from Fort Worth, Texas
Eco Velo – Go for the reviews and you’ll stay for the photography.
Fixed Dallas – Dallas, Texas blog that’s all about fixed gear riding.
Friends of Northaven Trail – The Northaven Trail, in North Dallas.
Friends of the Santa Fe Trail – The Santa Fe Trail, in Dallas.
Friends of White Rock Creek Trail – The White Rock Creek Trail, from North Dallas to White Rock Lake
Fort Worthology – What the city reads.  Fort Worth, Texas
Green Comotion – “A blog for my rants about bicycling”  Irving, Texas
I Wish I Didn’t Have To Drive – North Texas bike blog.
Kent’s Bike Blog – “Just a spot to dump various bicycle related thoughts” Kent Peterson from Issaquah, Washington.
Lace of Base – Art, film and things on two wheels.
Let’s Go Ride a Bike – The adventures of Trisha (in Nashville) and Dottie (in Chicago)
Los Alamos Bikes – An Occasionally Noticed Forum for the Cycling Community of Los Alamos, New Mexico
Love to Pedal – Cooking, working, fitness, photography and cycling by Jami.  Dallas, Texas
Lovely Bicycle! – Classic, vintage and lugged frame love.
Pedallas – Reviews, what’s happening and funny commentary from Dallas, Texas.  And check out their forums too!

Pedestrian! Two Points! – Tiny two-wheeler braving the mean streets in Dallas Texas
Prolly is not Probably –  Now from Austin, Texas
Public Bikes blog – Engaging blog about all things urban from Public bikes.
Querencia Community Bike Shop – Bike coop in Denton, Texas
Rat Rod Bikes – Everything Rat Rod and be sure to read their forum.
Recovered Saddle – Saddle repair and customization.
Rat Trap Press – Biking adventures from Fort Worth, Texas
Rene Herse Bicycles – A blog dedicated to Rene Herse enthusiasts.
Ride Fast. Live Slow – Cycling, food, family, politics, all things we like.
Rides a Bike – A blog devoted to photos of famous people riding bicycles.
Riding Pretty – Bicycle Chic California, where style meets two wheels.
RGV Cycling – An Average Guy’s Quest For Fitness
Suburban Assault – No classifications. Just two wheels, two pedals and a love for discovering while riding from Richardson, Texas.
Texbiker.net – Texas Bicycling Events, News and Thoughts
The Bicycle Is Art – “Art of | and inspired by | the Bicycle.”
The Plano Cyclist – Justin’s excellent adventures on two wheels, Plano Texas.
The Urban Pedal – Bicycle mania in the city (of Dallas).
The Mixte Gallery – A gallery and details about mixtes.
The Urban Country– Advocating the bicycle as transportation.
Things Found in the Street– Bicycles, found objects, commentary and book reviews.
Urban Velo Magazine– Print and online magazine dedicated to urban cycling, especially fixed.
Utility Cycling – All things online regarding utility bicycling and commuting.
Dallas Stolen Bikes Forum at B.F.O.C

Dallas Area Facebook Groups and Clubs

Biker Chicks of Dallas
Dallas Bicycle Polo

Oak Cliff Spandex Ride (Sundays)
Richardson Urban Bicycle Club (Most Thursdays)
Dallas Critical Mass
(Every last Friday)
Tuesday Bike Night
(“RIDE YOUR BIKE FOOL” – Tuesday Nights)
Tits Tuesday (Tuesday Nights)
Onespeed Dallas (“Monday Night Mash”)
Querencia Community Bike Shop

Other Sites We Like

A Bonney Blog – “A site dedicated to life’s little lovelies”
Baking In Dallas – When you’re not biking, you could be baking in Dallas.
Buttoned and Sewn – Menswear & the lifestyle behind it.
Dispatches from the Culture Wars – Ed Brayton keeps us updated.
Dive Bomb Media – Social Media Strategy and Training.
Dog Friendly Dallas – Stuff to do with your dog in the Dallas area
Eating In Dallas – When you’re not baking, you can eat in Dallas.
Hay Ladies – Sex, gender and feminism in the Lone Star State
Mr Christopher – My (Chris) photography site on Tumblr
Photopol.us – A team of photography enthusiasts, camera gangsters & photo nerds.
PPS – Project for Public Spaces
The Texas Observer – “Sharp reporting and commentary from the strangest state in the Union”
The Wicked Noodle – You are what you eat, so be delicious!
Triple Dub Images – Photography by Wendy Woodruff-Wezensky

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