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May 2, 2011 – 3:25 pm | Comments Off on OSAMA BIN LADEN, BICYCLING AND DALLAS

I was surprised to learn today that Osama bin Laden had been killed by our military. Now, I’m not the kind of person that is going to stand in the street and cheer another person’s …

A Greener, Wetter Dallas

April 25, 2011 – 11:29 pm | 3 Comments

Until last year’s elections in November, 90% of the City of Dallas was “dry”, meaning no alcohol could be sold there. Now beer and wine is sold throughout the city. I have lived in my …

“On your right”? New Details Emerge in Katy Trail Death

March 10, 2011 – 11:30 am | 9 Comments

The Dallas Morning News released new details in today’s paper from police reports relating to the tragic death last fall of Lauren Huddleston on the Katy Trail. Ms. Huddleston was struck and killed by a bicyclist …

1987 Schwinn Super Sport

February 22, 2011 – 8:17 pm | 30 Comments

I found this bike on CL last week, and it has proved to me to be an interesting lesson.  It’s a 1987 Schwinn Super Sport. The guy that I bought it from told me that his …

I Promise to Never Complain About Riding in the Heat Again. Ever.

February 5, 2011 – 11:51 am | 3 Comments

Here’s the view of my street last night, on my birthday no less!

Not even in August will I complain, if only my front yard doesn’t look like this.

When I’m going down Peavy Rd. to White Rock …

1973 Schwinn World Voyageur Revisited

February 3, 2011 – 11:01 pm | 14 Comments

Late last summer, my friend Justin showed me how to replace the cables, housing, tubes and tires on my 1973 Schwinn World Voyageur. I have never really showed her off since that time, and so …

Intrepid Local Ice Biker/Reporter Tells It Like It Is On Groundhog day

February 3, 2011 – 12:07 am | 3 Comments

Justin Husman, Reporter-at-Large for this Site, tells it like it is from downtown Plano this am………
this is it.
I say, in my own opinion, shame on you DART. And I’m still at the house.
I’m throwing in …

An Inspirational Ice Day Bike Story in Dallas

February 1, 2011 – 5:10 pm | Comments Off on An Inspirational Ice Day Bike Story in Dallas

I haven’t done a damn thing today due to the cold weather and icy conditions. It’s 18 degrees.

But our intrepid Reporter-At-Large, Justin Husman, is not of the faint at heart set in North Texas as reported …

Vintage Schwinn Basket Switcheroo: Fair and Compassionate Parts Removal

January 25, 2011 – 12:16 am | 5 Comments

I am obsessed with vintage Schwinn bicycles. I am also obsessed with what I think of as bicycle utility, which to me means carrying stuff around with me on my bike. I have tried everything: rear racks, …

Dallas Goes Outside, I Get Back From Vacation

January 12, 2011 – 8:48 am | 3 Comments

I like this. “Dallas goes Outside” is a good theme for 2011, and it’s on my list.  It’s nice to see D magazine recognizing some of the efforts of both organizations and individuals in this …