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And So the Commute Begins

Submitted by on July 9, 2012 – 1:21 pm11 Comments

The destination

As mentioned previously, I’ve just started commuting to work on two wheels.  My commute is a relatively short distance, the ride is long enough to where I can feel my heart getting a work out but not so far that I’m dripping in sweat by the time I arrive.

I’m taking neighborhood arterials that are well traveled by fellow cyclists, so most vehicles are accustomed to seeing and sharing the road with folks like me.  As an added bonus the traffic is light on the roads I’m taking, at least at the hour when I’m on them.  Each has two lanes (each way) so cars have an easy time passing me.  I stick to the right (slow lane) and occasionally have to go around a parked car.  Not a big deal.

At Coit and LBJ, no one can hear you scream

The only sketchy portion is maneuvering the Coit/LBJ intersection.  This is where I’m taking the pedestrian median along Coit to cross LBJ.   People run red lights like crazy here, not to mention the folks who ignore the speed limit.  Yeah I have a legal right to a lane on Coit road but I’d rather not see “He Was Legally Taking a Lane” printed on my tombstone.  Not a big deal.

Not me, not anymore

My building complex has a bike storage room that could accommodate 30 or so bicycles.  Unfortunately there are no signs anywhere notifying folks that bike parking/storage is available.  No doubt new tenants are made aware of this but it’s anyone’s guess if those details get communicated downstream.

Mystery bike storage room

Our office coordinator (a cyclist herself) made sure we knew about the bike storage facilities.  Out of the thousands of people working in this complex, it appears I’m only one of four or so people who are commuting by bicycle.  That low number could be attributed to many things, not least of which is the bike storage room is pretty stealth.  It sure is nice though, locked, lit and has Saris wall mounted racks.

Look how happy he looks

What I’ve learned so far – the morning commute produces less sweat than the trip home.  Some people in cars are kind of crazy.  Getting to and from work on a bicycle is a lot of fun.

Life is good.

– Chris


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Chris started riding a bike again when he noticed the Preston Ridge Trail being constructed across the street from his house. Since then he co-founded Biking in Dallas, has gone through countless Craigslist bike projects (some better than others) and can be found pedaling around town on a Electra Ticino with a camera in tow.

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