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We’re  couple of long-time Dallasites (one north, one east) who intend, through this site, to promote the enjoyment of exploring the City of Dallas and its’ surroundings by bicycle.

We like (ok, obsessively love) shiny new bikes and we both own a few. Yet, there is something inherently satisfying about breathing new life into older and vintage bikes. We’ll write both about the new and we’ll also show you our “reuse” of older bicycles, too.

It is our opinion that dedicated bikes lanes and multi-use paths offer a much safer alternative to the “take a lane” approach for the vast majority of cyclists.  We believe that bike lanes/paths are the best way to promote cycling.  We plan to visit as many dedicated paths as we can over the next year and review them here.

We’ll almost certainly end up at a few coffee-shops and bars along the way. Those establishments will come under our scrutiny and review, as well.

– Hubbard and Chris

Under the High 5

Under the High Five