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A New Look for the Electrabike Amsterdam Classic 3

Submitted by on June 9, 2010 – 12:36 am2 Comments

This is my favorite bike. It’s a 2008 Electrabike Amsterdam Classic 3. It’s the bike that I bought that resulted in my current obsession with bicycles. I believe that a bike should be practical and functional.

The basket is a new addition: my new look. I took it off of an actual Dutch made bike that I later sold. The basket is made in Holland. It has hooks that grab one side of the rack on the bike, and a big lever/swing-arm that grabs the bike frame:

I also took this adorable bell off of the Dutch bike:

Brrrriiing! Brrrring! Look at the cute Queen of Holland emblem on the bell!

The basket is perfect for running errands, garage saleing, etc. Today I went to the Walgreens to pick up something for my wife…and she’s second generation Dutch, sort of like my bike, and as cute as a button herself!

See how the bottom of the basket is actually made of pressed wood? It makes me want to go back to Amsterdam…….


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