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A Greener, Wetter Dallas

Submitted by on April 25, 2011 – 11:29 pm3 Comments

Until last year’s elections in November, 90% of the City of Dallas was “dry”, meaning no alcohol could be sold there. Now beer and wine is sold throughout the city. I have lived in my curerent home in the Casa Linda area of Dallas for over ten years. What does that mean to me?

It means that my closest beer store is no longer five miles away by the Spillway on Garland Rd.  Beer and wine stores are popping up all over town, and the CVS Pharmacy at Garland Rd. and Peavy is one mile from my house. It also means I’m a helluva lot more likely to ride my bike to get a bottle of wine (see the bottle peeking out in the photo above) or six-pack of beer. I mean, I like riding my bike, but ten miles round-trip for a beer?

So for once in this crazy town, something that I care about actually got voted in. I followed the election closely, and voted as many times as I could………

(that’s a joke). But the proponents of this new law, this wetness in a dry town, never pointed out something that I thought was a huge selling point.

It’s soooooooooo GREEN. Think how many people now have a shorter drive to buy beer and wine. How many people will now walk, or ride a bike, to the beer store? If you look at the entire city, I just can’t imagine how many less miles will be driven because of this law. And frankly, a lot of those people shouldn’t be out driving anyway, so a shorter commute is good for them, too. And us.

So thank you, Dallas voters.


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