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Article Archive for August 2010

Check it out: White Rock Bridge Going up!

August 30, 2010 – 8:23 pm | 2 Comments

It’s True: the Bike Bridge over Garland Rd. is going up next week

August 27, 2010 – 12:25 am | 6 Comments

I just got a confirmation from the Friends of the Santa Fe Trail!
I’ll be up there on August 31 around 7 p.m. taking photos!
How exciting! This is such a big deal for biking in Dallas. I …

Santa Fe Trail/White Rock Trail Bridge Update? Maybe.

August 25, 2010 – 9:33 pm | One Comment

As I drove down Garland Rd. past White Rock Lake this morning in front of the 7-11 there by the Spillway, I saw this sign:

In the background, if you look hard, you can see the …

Coming Soon to a Bike Path or Public Street Near You: FALL!

August 22, 2010 – 2:51 am | 7 Comments

It’s true. It’s not some sick joke. It really is about to cool off. Manana? No. Tomorrow it will be 105 degrees F. You’ll need to bring any paper products indoors, because that is the temperature …

More DMN Bike Coverage: Access to White Rock Lake from the White Rock Creek Trail

August 17, 2010 – 5:04 pm | Comments Off on More DMN Bike Coverage: Access to White Rock Lake from the White Rock Creek Trail

It’s nice to know that both the City of Dallas and the State of Texas responded to input from the bicycling community regarding where to put the trail crossing at Northwest Highway (Loop 12) and Lawther Dr. …

Katy and White Rock Trail Updates in Today’s Dallas Morning News

August 15, 2010 – 10:08 pm | 2 Comments

Good news!
I have been wondering about the status of these trails, bridges, etc., and this morning’s Sunday Edition of the Dallas Morning News provided some input. It’s looking like we’re closer and closer to linking up …

Triking to the Pool

August 15, 2010 – 6:17 pm | Comments Off on Triking to the Pool

Today is August 15 in Dallas TX. It doesn’t even really matter what year it is: it’s hotter than hell. William Tecumseh Sherman once said, “If I owned Hell and Texas, I’d rent out Texas and …

Chrome Mini Metro Bicycle Messenger Bag Review

August 9, 2010 – 10:51 pm | Comments Off on Chrome Mini Metro Bicycle Messenger Bag Review

One thing that I both value and require in a bicycle is utility. And utility, to me, generally goes hand in hand with being able to run errands and transport things on my bicycle. I …

Insurance, Bicycles, and Bodily Injury by Justin Husman

August 5, 2010 – 9:49 pm | 5 Comments

We were recently talking about stolen bikes with Justin and it turns out he’s in the insurance field so we asked him to pass on some of his knowledge on the subject.If you need to …

Brooks Leather Bicycle Saddles

August 4, 2010 – 11:57 pm | 2 Comments

In my humble opinion, there is nothing more important on a bicycle than the seat, both aesthetically and functionally. If my butt is sore, it’s going to be a short ride.  And a good looking …