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Three Unique Ideas to Celebrate Memorial Day by Catherine Cuellar

May 30, 2010 – 10:37 pm | One Comment
Catherine Cuellar

Monday we honor the memory of the brave men and women who have given their lives in service to our country. As we consider their sacrifice, it’s difficult to imagine anything we do can compare. …

“Run Keeper” app for iphones

May 29, 2010 – 10:34 pm | 4 Comments

I highly recommend this app if you have an iphone. It tracks your phone by its’ GPS signal and tells you how far that you’ve gone, how fast that you’ve  travelled, and how many calories …

Cottonwood Trail Esplanade Dedication June 3rd

May 29, 2010 – 7:58 pm | 7 Comments

Construction for the Cottonwood trail is scheduled to be finished in May.  So Thursday, June 3rd, at 10am they are having a dedication ceremony at the Esplanade, which is an amazing piece of work by …

The Ungoogleable Bike

May 26, 2010 – 11:04 pm | Comments Off on The Ungoogleable Bike

You can’t find it on the internet. It doesn’t have a Facebook site. It doesn’t seem to exist.
And yet it rides among us!

It was manufactured in Taiwan. It has this unusual head-badge:

It has a nice …

May 2010 Rides and Events

May 26, 2010 – 9:55 pm | 2 Comments
Spring is Sprung

bike messenger photo from the library of congress archives
Weekly Rides
Oak Cliff Spandex Ride (Sundays)
75208 (Sundays)
Onespeed Dallas (“Monday Night Mash”)
Tuesday Bike Night (“RIDE YOUR BIKE FOOL” – Tuesday Nights)
Tits Tuesday (Tuesday Nights)
Richardson Urban Bicycle Club (Most …

Dallas Bike Plan Open House – Thursday May 27th

May 23, 2010 – 6:19 pm | Comments Off on Dallas Bike Plan Open House – Thursday May 27th
City of Dallas and North Central Texas Council of Government Dallas Bike Plan Open House

Fuji S12-S LTD Road Bike

May 10, 2010 – 9:05 pm | 21 Comments

When I began my adult bicycling adventure several years ago, I doubted that I would ever ride a road bike. I wanted to ride an upright styled bike, with cruiser handlebars. I did not want …

The Ride of Silence by Mark Manson

May 10, 2010 – 9:32 am | One Comment

The Ride of Silence is a memorial ride dedicated to cyclists who have been killed or injured while riding on public roads. This year’s ride will be on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 7:00 pm, …

Seen At The Tits Tuesday Ride

May 6, 2010 – 9:00 pm | 2 Comments

Ever since Alicia Pol hipped us to the Tits Tuesday night ride I’ve been planning to tag along.  I picked a great night to join them as the weather was perfect.  Whole Foods Market, where …

Seen At the Cottonwood Art Festival

May 2, 2010 – 11:07 am | One Comment

I live two blocks from Cottonwood park so Hubbard and I rode from there to the Cottonwood Art Festival and met the Bike Friendly Richardson gang nears the stage.  We had a lot of cloud …