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1973 Schwinn Speedster in Campus Green

Submitted by on June 14, 2010 – 10:02 pm13 Comments

I bought this bike a few months ago in my largest CL mass-bike purchase to date. It isn’t the sort of thing that I usually do, but the guy’s CL ad had the usual requirements that pique my curiousity: poor photos, poor descriptions, good price and (for once, Lord, thank you) close proximity to me. Like, Casa View close, maybe two miles. Frankly, I’m tired of rediscovering why I don’t live in Watauga, North Richland Hills, Mesquite, Balch Springs, etc. If you live in one of these burbs, forgive me: I’m biased. I was born in E. Dallas and have lived here for most of my life.

So here was the haul:

For once, I wasn’t in pursuit of a Schwinn, but it’s the one bike that I ended up keeping, the best bike of the lot. A 1973 Schwinn Speedster w/ the Sturmey-Archer 3-speed in Campus Green. Here it is the day that I got it off the truck in March of this year:

And here is the bike that actually got me over to the guys house to see what else that he had. It’s a Huffy Camaro. An interesting bike, but I ultimately thought that, well, I’m just a little too old to be riding around on this thing. I do like the orange color, though.  And you’ll see the handlebar horn later in another photo::

Here are the photos that I took today. I’m getting close to finishing the rebuild of my Fuji road bike, and this Schwin  is next in the restoration queue. I thought that I should roll it out and get some feed-back.

I haven’t done anything to it yet. It’s in remarkably good shape for a bike that is 37 years old:

It has an original “Mike Hall’s Bike Mart”  sticker. That shop was the predecessor of today’s “Richardson Bike Mart”.

One of the nicer Schwinn “S-seats” that I’ve seen. I’m actually afraid to ride on it in case I ruin the color.

Et cetera:

The only part that I have replaced was this very hard to find rear reflector. It has the chrome bezel that wraps around the fender. I found it on for $13.00. I have actually seen one sell on ebay for a shocking $54.00!

Here is the other side:

The spiffy Schwinn generator:

The amazingly flawless light:

This bike is basically in perfect shape. The chrome fenders don’t have a single scratch or dent. I’m thinking about turning it into my Flagship Schwinn Dork Bike by finding every Schwinn accessory available in 1973 and, well, dorking it out. I’m talking AM radio, racks in front and back, turn signals, everything. And just so it doesn’t get lonely………

I have the 1970 Campus Green Schwinn Town and Country Tri-Wheeler to keep it company. The trike even has the same ‘Mike Hall Bike Mart” sticker on it. They were actually purchased within three years of each other at the same shop here in the Metroplex.

Oh, yea……see the horn on the trikes’ handlebars? What goes around comes around.

Beep! Beep!


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