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1971 Schwinn Breeze

Submitted by on June 15, 2010 – 11:42 pm2 Comments

Or: another freaking Schwinn. I saw this on CL last night and the guy wanted $50 for it. I thought that it might make a nice matched pair for my (very) recently posted 1973 Schwinn Speedster.

They’re both in Campus Green. They’re both 3 speeds. And this bike was close to me, in Lake Highlands. So I went to check it out. They guy said that it had some surface rust on the metal, but that the paint and decals were nice. He was correct on both counts:

The bike had been in the guys’ garage for 15 years and it was remarkably dirty. However, a quick wipe down of a few areas revealed a very nice paint job and perfect decals. And of course, it wasn’t a matched pair with my other bike in the purest sense: the Speedster was manufactured in July of 1973, and this little baby is from July of 1971. But pretty close. Most folks wouldn’t notice the difference if I decided to sell. But back to the surface rust.

Now, I know that this stuff will clean up pretty nicely. I’ve done it. But it’s a lot of work.  So I told the guy that I didn’t want it, that it looked like too much rust and work. But then I said, “Will you take $20 for it?”.  Answer: Yes sir! So into the car it went. I worked a bit on the fenders when I got home with some water, Evaporust, wD40 and 0000 steel wool:

Same with the filthy Sturmey Archer hub:

So: is this bike worth fixing up? I’m not sure. Is it worth $20 in parts? Hell yes.

The bottom line is, I like these bikes, and I like chasing them down. I like getting them back on the road. It’s a fun, affordable hobby. Like my patient and understanding wife said, “For $20, who cares?”.

Now, if I didn’t have to go to the Dallas County Jail at 8:00 in the morning for a parole revocation hearing (not the revocation of my parole, but rather a client), I’d drag this thing in the kitchen, make a drink and start cleaning it up………..hmmmmmmm. Well, it isn’t thaaaaat late.


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